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 Do you know who Eddie or Grace is??

 So listen guys, I have the funniest story.

I was doing Eddishion, because Mr Lim told me to.So yeah, I was thinking...it's so disGraceful that I have to do this on an empty stomach.I went to look for noodles, but we were out of noodles. I yelled to my mom: "Mom, I'm gonna run down to the store and buy a pack of Eddie Mee, okay?" My mom said sure, why not. So I went and bought a deluxe pack of Eddie Mee. On the way home, I met Grace on the corner. "Hi Grace, where's u-know-who?" Grace looked at me and said "I can't believe you're saying this to me! You're the one who has a deluxe pack of Eddie Mee!"I gave the pack to her and ran back to the store and bought Maggi Mi instead. Grace was STILL waiting at the corner. "Lol, Grace, what are you doing here...again?" I asked. Kelvin was with her, chanting "Eddie, Eddie, Eddie..." repeatedly. Since she didn't answer, I went home. So much for disGrace!!!

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Eddie loves Grace 

Yes it's true.

1B knows so

How about you?

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